What’s Almost as Good as Christmas Morning?

A Santa Giveaway!


*Grand Prize – a private visit from the “Big Man In Red”

*1st Prize – Personal letter from Santa

*2nd Prize – Santa’s Christmas Party Pack


The more you share, the more chances to win!



Grand Prize is limited to residents within 50 miles of Santa’s Central Arkansas headquarters and is subject to his availability. Includes a private visit from Santa. Use this link to determine if your town is included in the 50-mile radius.


Hands down the best Santa ever. I highly recommend Scott for all of your Christmas gatherings and photos.

Mandy Pennington Couch

Such an amazing Santa!!! Truly a gift … thank you for being the best Santa you can be!!!

Shea Bryant

He’s one awesome Santa!!!!! Always get the best pics with him!

Kyla Nicole Batson

Countdown to Christmas